Parent Information

Welcome to the Parent Information page!  We look forward to working with you to prepare your student for a compelling, academic experience.  Our program creates opportunities for your student to make enduring friendships across the country and the world. 

We understand that parents/guardians have their own set of questions. This page is specifically to address those questions and concerns. 

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Partial Scholarships are available.  For more information and the financial aid application, please visit our Financial Aid page.


Once the student is accepted to the program, the $350 non-refundable deposit secures enrollment and counts towards the total cost of the program.

Deposit instructions

Bill Pay Information

Beginning in early April, your tuition and fees charges will post to your OPUS student account, after you are enrolled.  All of the charges will not post at the same time. Be sure to check your account periodically for updated balance information.

Bill Pay instructions

Please review your student account in OPUS. All tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the start of your Pre-College Program session.

ALL TUITION, HOUSING, AND FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL to avoid late fees and interest charges.

Emory University does NOT accept credit cards to pay your bill nor will you receive a bill.

Important Contact Numbers

Here is a list of numbers that students or parents might need during the Pre-College Program.  Please try to determine which number to use based on your question or issue. 

Department Purpose Phone Number

Pre-College Admin Office - Admitted Students: Deposit payment, Housing, Financial Aid

Students with last name A - L 404-727-9279
Pre-College Admin Office - Admitted Students: Deposit payment, Housing, Financial Aid Students with last name M - Z 404-727-3351
Emory Card Photo submission questions, lost Emory Card 404-727-6095, Option 2
Emory Student Technology Support Assistance with OPUS Login (student must call) 404-727-7777
Financial Services Bill pay in OPUS 404-727-6095, Option 1
Student Health Services Immunization questions 404-727-7551
Registrar Transcript requests 404-727-6042

Emory Pre-College follows the Emory University Emergency Protocol.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some experiences are not applicable for the Summer 2021 Online Program, including the residential portion of our program.




Admitted Students 

Additional FAQs



How do we choose the best program for our student?

Begin with the Getting Started tab on the website for information about Pre-College and Summer College to determine which program is right for your student.


Will this affect my student’s GPA for college?

Only courses taken for credit will affect a student’s college GPA.  The Summer College courses receive a letter grade. The Pre-College noncredit courses receive a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade.      


What supervision is provided for Pre-College students?

The Emory Pre-College Program is designed to give students the experience of college life while also recognizing that they are still in high school and providing the requisite supervision.

  • Curfew: all residential students are required to check in before evening curfew: 11 pm on weeknights, midnight on weekends
  • Leave Campus: Residential students are not allowed to leave campus on their own or with other students
  • Residence Halls:
    • Pre-College students are not allowed to visit other residence halls on campus;
    • Only Pre-College students and staff have access to Pre-College residence halls
  • Emory Village is considered on campus and students are allowed to walk there on their own (Emory Village is an area connected to the main campus with shops and restaurants.)
  • Residence Life Staff:
    • Area Director
    • 3 Program Coordinators
    • Ratio of 1 RA (resident assistant) per 10 students.
    • The staff is very hands-on with the students, and they stay in close communication with the Pre-College faculty.
  • All off-campus activities are supervised and attended by Pre-College faculty or Residence Life staff



Are scholarships available?

Partial Scholarships are available.  Information about financial aid and creative funding ideas can be found on the Cost|Scholarship tab on our website.

How do I pay the remaining tuition and fees?

Account balances are on the student’s Emory OPUS account, which is accessible using the student’s Emory NetID and password.   Emory NetID and Password Retrieval instructions

Refer to the Bill Pay Instructions. Emory University does not accept credit card payments for tuition and fee payments.  Billing statements are not mailed.

How do I pay the deposit?

Paying online is the fastest method of payment and will speed up enrollment.  You can pay using a credit card, checking account (via ACH), wire transfer, or mail a check.

Refer to the Deposit Instructions for detailed information.


If I have applied for financial aid, should I deposit before I hear about my award?

If you are relying on financial aid to attend the program, do not pay the deposit before you receive your financial aid award.  The deposit is non-refundable.  Remember that classes fill quickly.

How much spending money will Pre-College students need during their program?

All housing, dining and program costs are covered in the tuition and fees found on the Cost|Scholarships page of our website.   The only additional items might be a lab fee associated with a lab course, airport shuttle to/from the Atlanta airport and any required texts for the course.

Students should not bring a large amount of cash to campus.  There are ATMs on campus and debit/credit cards are accepted at most places where your student might need to spend money.


Admitted Students

What if there is an emergency and my family cannot get in touch with me?

Parents can send an email to and staff will ensure the student receives the message.

What does my student need to bring for living on campus?

Please refer to the What to Bring and What Not to Bring document.

Can Pre-College students visit with family friends and/or relatives during the Pre-College Program?

We encourage parents and students to schedule visits with friends and family members either before the program begins or after it ends In order for students to take full advantage of their pre-college experience. If you must plan a visit during the program, please contact Ursula Spitzer at or 404-712-7677 to request the permission form and to find a suitable time when your student will not miss class or programming.

Do parents need to accompany their child to Orientation? 

The Orientation program is only for Pre-College students. Parents are welcome to help their student check-in and move in to the residence hall. There will be an optional Q&A session for parents prior to student orientation on Sunday afternoon. More information will be available in an email sent in early May and in the PORTAL. 

Do parents attend the closing program?

The closing program is for students, faculty and staff. Parents do not attend.