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Faculty List


[Below is the faculty list for the courses that were offered Summer 2014.]

Two-Week Non-Credit Course faculty include:
Thomas Abelew, Pre-Med Studies: The Anatomy of Movement
Paula Anderson
and Joan Reed, Current Concepts in Sports Medicine
Michael Crutcher, The Neuroscience of Brain Enhancement
Jacobus de Roode, Evolutionary Biology
Marshall Duke, Psychology of Creativity and Psychology and Current Fiction
David Edwards, Psychology of Love
Amy Elkins, Writing for College Success
Kristen Frenzel
, Neuroscience in the Media
Harold Gouzoules, Animal Behavior
William Gruber, Writing the Personal Essay
Aaron Kirk, Law and Litigation
Gary Laderman, Religion and Politics in America
Kelli Lanier, Experimental Economics
Frank Lechner, Globalization
Michael Mina and Laura Bloomfield, Infectious Diseases: Causes and Cures
Steve Nowicki, Abnormal Psychology
Leah Roesch, Case Studies in Neuroscience
Gordon Streeb, Economics: Principals and Current Issues
Peter Wakefield, Pre-Med Studies: Ethical Issues
Scott Wilkinson, Cancer: The Biology Behind the Disease

Institute faculty:
Kim Loudermilk and Denise Alvarez, College Prep Institute for International High School Students
Shannon McClintock, Emory Institute for Data Science
Michael Mina and Laura Bloomfield, Infectious Diseases Institute

Six-Week Credit Course faculty include (this is not a complete course listing, please click here for all classes):  

Evelyn Bailey, Mathematics
Lynn Wood Bertrand
, Music
Casey Cochran, Educational Studies
David Edwards, Psychology
Michael Evenden, Theater
Alexander Hicks, Sociology
David Leinweber
, History
Linda Merrill
, Art History
Kerry Moore
, Visual Arts
Jeffrey Mullis,
Harmony Neal, Creative Writing
Mary Lynn Owen
, Theater
Matt Payne
, History
Sally Radell
, Dance
Dan Reiter
, Political Science
Cesar Sierra
, Spanish
Thee Smith
, Religion
Devin Stewart
, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Gordon Streeb
, Economics
Eddy Von Mueller
, Film Studies
Ofra Yeglin
, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies