Frequently Asked Questions


LOGIN HELP: Tips to gain access to the PORTAL and Emory systems.


How many students participate in the Pre-College Program?

  • Approximately 400 Pre-College students, spread over three two-week and two three-week sessions
  • Approximately 100-150 students enrolled in the Pre-College Program each session.
  • Around 90% of the students enrolled in two-week courses are residential and will live in the Pre-College residence halls.

How will students spend a typical day in the Pre-College Program?  

The daily schedule provides what a typical day in the Pre-College Program for students enrolled in noncredit courses.

What do Pre-College students do in their free time?

Students stay relatively busy during the Pre-College Program. We encourage students to prioritize their academic work and to make wise choices about how to spend their time. 

What kind of off-campus trips can I expect?

Review the programming calendar. Review June and July to view the trips during previous Pre-College programs. All ticket and transportation costs are covered in the program fee for Pre-College students.

What food options are available on campus for commuter students?

Commuter students are responsible for their own meals and have dining options throughout the campus.

Emory Village is within walking distance of campus and has a variety of restaurants from which to choose, including Domino's, Chipotle and Panera Bread.

Are Pre-College students allowed to drive to campus?

  • Residential Pre-College students (those living on campus) are NOT allowed to have a car on campus
  • Commuter Pre-College students and six-week commuter students (those living with their families in metro Atlanta areas) may drive to and from campus daily. They will either pay to park by the hour in one of Emory’s visitors’ lots, or they may purchase a two-week parking pass from Emory's Office of Transportation and Parking.
  • Pre-College students are NOT allowed to ride with another student (unless commuter students are carpooling) in their personal car during the program, nor is a student allowed to transport another student during the program.

I am homeschooled. May I apply?

Homeschooled students are welcome. When soliciting a recommender, it should be someone other than parents and the recommendation should attest to student's character, academics, and ability to get along in a community setting.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is on Friday, two weeks prior to the start of the session. Review session dates.

Can I enroll in multiple sessions?

Students may attend multiple sessions. International students often attend more than one session.

I am known by an alias (nickname) and not by my legal first name. What name should I put on my application?

Use the legal name that appears on your birth certificate and current school records. There is a field in the application to provide your “preferred” name.

Are transcripts and test scores required?

Transcripts and test scores are required. Report cards/grade reports cannot be submitted in lieu of your transcript, however, they are permissible for current fall grades only.

Test scores report must contain your name, test date and scores for each category.

I am an international student but I have not taken the TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge test. Can I still apply?

The program criteria provides information regarding international students and test scores.

The only item my application is missing is my test scores. Is there a way to expedite the scores?

You may download the test scores report and upload them to your application in the PORTAL.  Instructions are as follows:

  • PreSAT/SAT - When you log into the College Board testing website, you will immediately be on the Dashboard screen. Click on the view details tab under the total score which will take you to another screen called Student Score Report. On that screen, click on download report to the right. The report that downloads is the report we need to upload to your application.
  • PreACT/ACT - When you log into the ACT testing website, click on “Your test Dates and Scores” on the right under Home. Click on the “view scores” for the specific date and test. Log in again using your username and password. Click on “Download Student Score Report” on the top right of the screen. The report that downloads is the report we need to upload to your application.

(International students who are applying for two- or three-week courses must submit TOEFL scores.) 

I uploaded all my documents, do I need to mail the originals to your office?

You do not need to mail the original documents after you have emailed or uploaded the documents to your application.  

Who can I use as a recommender for my letter of recommendation?

A recommender is:

  • Someone who can attest to your academic abilities, character, and/or ability to get along in a community setting (such as teacher or counselor)
  • Not a parent or family member.
You can submit as many recommendation requests as you like. However, one recommendation letter is needed to complete your application

My recommender has not received the recommendation request. What should I do?

Recommendation requests will be sent to the recommender immediately after the student completes the recommendation form in the PORTAL. Be sure to follow-up with the recommender and if they did not receive email, ask the recommender to check their junk/spam folder.

Am I required to select an alternate course?

You are encouraged to indicate an alternate course. If you do not select an alternate course and are not approved for your first course choice, your new course selection will require admission committee’s approval and may delay your application process.

I am interested in Summer College or Emory Online (credit-bearing courses for high school students), but I live outside of the metro Atlanta area or in another state. Can I apply for Summer College?

Summer College has commuter option only. If you live outside of the metro-Atlanta area or in another state, please have your parent email to let us know where you will reside if accepted into the program.

I need to change sessions but am unable to do so on my application. What should I do?

Send an email to with your full name, the new session, and the course to which you would like to apply. You do not have to start a new application.

Am I guaranteed the course that was approved in my application?

We have rolling admissions which mean students are enrolled in a course once they have been accepted and paid their deposit. Paying the deposit immediately after being accepted increases the chances of being enrolled in your approved course choice.

How long will it take to receive a decision about my application?

Once your application is complete and there is no other documentation needed, the decision is rendered within three to five business days. The decision is sent to the email address provided in your application.


What should I do after being accepted into the program?

The next step is to pay the non-refundable $350 deposit. Please wait 2 business days after you receive your final acceptance email before paying your deposit in OPUS. Review the following questions on how to pay the deposit.

Am I required to have health insurance to attend Pre-College?

You are strongly encouraged to have health insurance or short term coverage. Review health insurance information for International students.

If I am unable to get my immunizations prior to arriving at campus, what are my options?

Direct your questions regarding immunizations to Student Health Service 404-727-7571 or

Where can I find the immunization form?

The form can be downloaded from the Parental Consents section of your application in the PORTAL

Where do I upload my immunization form?

All immunization forms must be uploaded to Student Patient Portal. You will need your Emory NetID and password to log in. Direct all immunization questions to Student Health Service at or 404-727-7571.

Where can I locate the pre-arrival documents and parental consents/student acknowledgments? When are they due?

Login the Portal. Click on the application “Emory Pre-College Program Session” and scroll down until you see Parental Consent and Student Acknowledgment and Questionnaires/Uploads. Complete all items that are not checked as received. Pre-arrival documents and consents are due one week prior to check-in.

How will I know the status of the photo I uploaded to the Emory Card Services website?

The status of your photo submission will be sent to your Emory email address. Use your Emory NetID and password to sign in. You will receive two emails from Emory Card Services: 1) acknowledgment of your photo submission and 2) photo was accepted or rejected with an explanation if photo was rejected.

My photo for the Emory Card was denied. What should I do?

Review the photo specifications on Emory Card Services website again and upload another photo following the guidelines.  All notifications about your Emory Card are sent to your Emory email address. Log in using your Emory NetID and password. If you are experiencing difficulty with your Emory Card photo submission, please contact or 404-727-6095 M-F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Will the Pre-College Program send me any information to assist in making travel plans?

Yes, all deposited students will receive an email with additional information in mid-May. The email will contain a detailed Check-In and Orientation schedule and should answer most questions that you will have. 

Will airport shuttles be available?

A shuttle will transport arriving and departing students from and to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to and from campus on check-in (Sundays) and check-out (Saturdays). Space on the airport shuttle is limited and may be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. The airport shuttle fee is $25 each direction. More information is in your online application.

If I lost my Emory Card, what should I do?

Emory cards may be replaced for $30 through the Emory Card Office. Students will be responsible for paying for their meals until their Emory Card is replaced.

When do I find out my grade?

Pre-College students: Assessments will be uploaded to your application for review by late August.

Summer College students: You can view your grades in OPUS after the fully graded date for each session.

Can Pre-College students schedule an admissions interview while on campus?

Emory does not conduct admissions interviews. However, all Pre-College students will have the opportunity to participate in both an Admissions-guided tour of the Atlanta campus and Admissions Information Sessions. We also usually are able to offer a guided tour of the Oxford campus of Emory University.

Will I need to buy textbooks?

Some courses require textbooks. Check the email used in your application in late May for the textbook list and other pertinent information.

Will there be homework outside of class?

Yes, most courses will have assignments outside of class. The amount of daily homework will vary among courses and may take up to several hours per day, but previous Pre-College students have found these assignments manageable and rewarding.

How can I find the list of courses offered?

Review the list of Pre-College courses and Summer College courses

Do Pre-College students need to bring a laptop to the Program?

Students may bring a laptop, but it may not be required. Wireless internet access will be provided to students throughout campus, including the residence hall, and Campus IT will be available to help students connect during orientation. Students will have access to both Woodruff Library and the Cox Hall Computing Lab, but both these spaces operate on summer hours and will be closed in the evenings.

Review the email you will receive in May about textbooks and other pertinent information. Based on your courses, you will be informed whether a laptop is required for your course.

I am residing on campus, are linens provided?

No, linens are not provided. You can review the list of what to bring. If student does not have linens, they will have the opportunity to purchase linens the evening of check-in.

What is provided in the residence hall rooms?

A regular residence hall room includes two twin beds, two desks, and drawer/closet space. All residence halls are air-conditioned.

Are the residence halls co-ed? Will I share a bathroom?

Residence halls are co-ed and individual halls are gender-specific. The student will room with a same-gender student. There are communal bathrooms on each floor.

Am I responsible for a lost room key?

Yes, you are responsible for a lost room key. The cost, $75, will be billed to the student’s account. Students can pay the fee in OPUS, using the NetID and password.

Is there a laundry facility on campus and how much does it cost?

There are free laundry facilities located in each residence hall. 

Can I request a roommate? 

Provide the name of a roommate when completing your pre-arrival questionnaire regarding accommodations in the PORTAL. Your roommate must also submit your name in order to room together.

What time do I have to move out of the residence hall?

All students need to check out of their residence hall by 12 noon on check-out day, Saturday.