Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQs

How many students participate in the Pre-College Program?

This summer we expect to have about 400 Pre-College students on the Emory campus.  Those students will be spread over three two-week sessions and two three-week sessions, so there will be about 100-150 students enrolled in the Pre-College Program at any given time.  The relatively small size of our program ensures that students receive personal attention from both their professors and the residence life staff and that they get to know most of the other Pre-College students.  Around 90% of the students enrolled in two-week courses are residential and will live in the Pre-College dorm.

Will there be homework outside of class?

Yes, most courses will have assignments outside of class.  The amount of daily homework will vary among courses and may take up to several hours per day, but previous Pre-College students have found these assignments manageable and rewarding.

Can Pre-College students schedule an admissions interview while on campus?

Emory does not conduct admissions interviews.  However, all Pre-College students will have the opportunity to participate in both an Admissions-guided tour of the Atlanta campus and Admissions Information Sessions.  We also usually are able to offer a guided tour of the Oxford campus of Emory University.

How will students spend a typical day in the Pre-College Program?

A typical dayin the Pre-College Program for students enrolled in non-credit courses is detailed here.

What do Pre-College students do in their free time?  How much free time will they have? 

You will find that students stay relatively busy during the Pre-College Program.  All students taking non-credit courses will attend class in the morning, and most afternoons students will also attend a one-hour College 101 session.  During the afternoons and evenings, students will have free time, during which they may devote time to their course work or participate in optional extra-curricular activities, including campus tours, sight-seeing around Atlanta, and other social activities in the dorms.  On the weekends, we have a full day of Atlanta-area activities planned for students on Saturday and a more relaxed day of campus activities and free time on Sunday. 

We plan a full slate of fun and educational programs for pre-college students, and we encourage students to take advantage of the unique opportunities that they are offered during the program.  At the same time, we encourage students to prioritize their academic work and to make wise choices about how to spend their time.  In fact, previous Pre-College students have reported that one of the most valuable things that they have learned during the program was how to manage their time in a college setting as they balance academic, extra-curricular, and social demands on their time.  

Can non-residential/commuter students participate in extra- and co-curricular activities? 

Yes!  Pre-College Program activities are open to all Pre-College students enrolled in non-credit courses.

Can Pre-College students visit with family friends and/or relatives during the Pre-College Program?

Pre-College students are discouraged from leaving the Pre-College program for visits with friends and family.  In order to allow students to take full advantage of their pre-college experience, we encourage parents and students to schedule visits with friends and family members either before the program begins or after it ends.  Students are allowed to leave campus under the adult supervision of local friends and relatives if we have received prior approval from the student’s parent or guardian.  (More information about the permission form will be included in a pre-arrival email in May and also through your online application.)  If you must plan a visit during the program, please contact Ursula Spitzer at or 404-712-7677  to find a suitable time when your son or daughter will not miss programming in which he or she wishes to participate.

What sort of supervision will Pre-College students have?

The Emory Pre-College Program is designed to give students a taste of college life while also recognizing that they are still in high school and providing the requisite supervision.  All residential Pre-College students are required to check in before evening curfew (11pm on weekdays, midnight on weekends).  Residential students are not allowed to leave campus on their own or with other students.  Students are allowed to walk to Emory Village (an area with restaurants and shops adjacent to campus) on their own.  Pre-College students are not allowed to visit other residence halls on campus, and only Pre-College students and staff are allowed inside the Pre-College residence hall.   

The Pre-College Residence Life staff is comprised of an Area Director, three Program Coordinators, and at least 1 Resident Assistant for every 10 students.  The staff is very hands-on with the students, and they stay in close communication with the Pre-College faculty.  All extra-curricular activities and off-campus excursions are supervised by Pre-College faculty or staff.

What food options are available on campus for commuter students?

Commuter students do not receive meal plans, but are welcome to purchase breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at a variety of locations on campus. Places to eat on campus are plentiful, or you may bring your meal.  There are many meal options available, including Dobbs Market and Kaldi's Coffee in the DUC, Cox Hall Market, Starbuck's, Zaya at Dooley's Den, Highland Bakery, and Peet's Coffee and Tea. Students should plan on $6-$10 per meal, depending on the location. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

Emory Village is within walking distance of campus and has a variety of restaurants from which to choose, including Domino's, Chipotle and Panera Bread.

Application FAQs

The only item my application is missing is my test scores.  Is there a way to expedite the scores?

The Emory Pre-College Program requests a recent score report from either the SAT, the ACT, or the PSAT test.  (International students who are applying for two- or three-week courses must submit TOEFL scores.) There are several ways to send a test score report to the Pre-College Program:

  1. Your high school may have a record of your scores.  They could email that record to us at, or send by fax at 404-727-6724.
  2. You may have a copy of the score report that the testing service mailed to you.  You can upload this report directly to your online application.
  3. You can access your score report online.  Either print it or take a screen shot and upload it to your application.  (PLEASE be sure the testing service name/logo, your name, and the date you took the test show at the top of the copy.  We only need the composite scores - we do not need the breakdown of each section.)
  4. The SAT or the ACT score report can be transmitted to us electronically by the testing service, using the Emory code number which you give to the service.  Emory’s CEEB/SAT and TOEFL code number is 5187; the ACT code number is 0810.   This method can take up to several weeksIf you are interested in speed, you may want to consider one of the other methods mentioned above.

The report can be faxed or emailed to us.  However, the fastest way to complete your application, is to upload the score report directly to your online application.

Fax number: 404-727-6724, Attn: Pre-College


I have been admitted. How do I pay my deposit?

To ensure a spot in the course(s) that you have selected, you must pay the $350 non-refundable program deposit.  Once we receive the deposit, we will enroll you in your preferred course selection.  Deposits may be paid online through OPUS (follow directions here) or by check. Please mail a check payable to Emory University Pre-College Program, Candler Library Suite 200, 550 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322.

Paying online is the fastest method of payment and will speed up your enrollment.

Pre-Arrival FAQs

How do I pay remaining tuition and fees?

Please note that Emory is committed to reducing the use of paper. Billing statements are not mailed. You may pay your bill in one of the ways detailed here. Emory University does not accept credit card payments.

Do Pre-College students need to bring a laptop to the Program?

Pre-College students have found that bringing a laptop to the Program is useful and convenient.  If a student has access to a personal laptop, previous students would recommend bringing it.  Students will have wireless internet access throughout campus, including Dobbs and Alabama residence halls, and Campus IT will be available to help students connect during Orientation. 

Students will have access to both Woodruff Library and the Cox Hall Computing Lab, but both of these spaces keep summer hours and will be closed in the evenings.  Students relying on the labs will need to plan to complete their computing work during the afternoons. Please check the individual course description to determine if a personal laptop is required for your course.  

How much spending money will Pre-College students need during the two-week program?

The only required expenses not included in the fees for the program are the cost of transportation to and from Atlanta and the cost of any required books for a student’s particular course. 

The cost of all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, as well as transportation to and from these activities, is included in the cost of the program.  Students should plan to have spending money for any souvenirs or extras that they wish to purchase.  For example, admissions to the Braves game and transportation to and from the game will be covered by the program.  If a student wishes to buy a Braves t-shirt or a drink and popcorn at the game, he or she will need to cover that cost personally. 

All residential students will also have a full meal plan, which entitles them to three meals/day in the Dobbs University Center cafeteria or other campus dining locations.  If students wish to eat any meals or snacks in the restaurants in Emory Village, or if they wish to order a late-night pizza or have other snacks or meals outside of their meal plan, they will need to cover that cost personally. 

We do not encourage students to bring large amounts of cash to Emory.  There are ATMs for many major banks on campus, and most places that your son or daughter may spend money accept debit and credit cards.

Will the Pre-College Program send me any information to assist in making travel plans?

Yes, all deposited students will receive an email with additional information in mid-May.  The email will contain a detailed Check-In and Orientation schedule and should answer most questions that you will have.  In addition, the Admitted Students website will be regularly updated with pertinent information and the information can be found in your online application.   

Residential students should plan to arrive on campus for Check-In between 11am and 3pm on the first day of the program, which is a Sunday.  Commuter students should plan to arrive on campus for Check-In between 3 pm and 3:30 pm on the first day of the program, which is a Sunday. 

Commuter students will attend orientation at 3:30 pm and residential students will join them at 4 pm for orientation. 

Students should plan to check out of their dorms by noon on the last Saturday of the program.  

(Click here to see check-in and check-out dates for each session.)

Will airport shuttles be available?

A shuttle will transport arriving students from Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport to campus on arrival Sundays for a small fee.  The shuttle will transport students from campus back to the airport on departure Saturdays.  Space on the shuttle is limited and may be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The fee is $25 each direction.  Information about the airport shuttle can be found by clicking here and also in your online application.

Are Pre-College students allowed to drive to campus?

Residential Pre-College students (those living in a dorm on campus) are NOT allowed to have a car on Emory’s campus.  Commuter Pre-College students (those living with their families in Atlanta) may drive to and from campus daily.  They will either pay to park by the hour in one of Emory’s visitors’ lots, or they may purchase a two-week parking pass from Emory's office of Transportation and Parking.  Six-week commuter students will need to purchase a six-week parking pass from Emory's office of Transportation and Parking.  No Pre-College students is allowed to ride with another student in their personal car during the program, nor is a student allowed to transport another student during the program.   Click here for more information about obtaining a Emory parking permit.

Do parents need to accompany their child to Orientation? 

No, parents do not need to accompany their child to Orientation.  The Orientation program itself is designed for Pre-College students.  However, we do understand that some parents would like to help their child check-in and move into the dorms, and we welcome you to do so.  There will be an optional question and answer session for parents with Pre-College staff prior to Student Orientation on Sunday afternoon. More information will be included in the email that you will receive in May and in your online application.  You may access the Arrival and Orientation schedule here.